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Public Health Information for all ages and lifestyles

FHI is a website dedicated to providing public health information surrounding habits, consumption and physical activity. Generally speaking, everything somehow connected to public health. Public health authorities, Folkhälsomyndigheten (formerly The public health insitute, Folkhälsoinsitutet) is the government organ responsible for increased public health in Sweden. This website is not in any way connected to or affected by the activities of that government organization. The purpose of this website is to inform about past, current and future activities and project regarding the public health.


FHI will keep you up to date with recent publications on the subject of public health. The publications will range from books to pamphlets touching on the everything from smoking habits to teenage drinking. This months chosen publication is Tonårsparlören - a book aimed at parents of teenagers. The book provides helpful information regarding teenage drinking and informs you as a parent how you should tackle problems arising from your teenagers possible drinking habits.